Boards & Committees

Library Board

The Library Board oversees the administration of the Madison library, making sure that all Illinois state library standards are upheld and complied with, as well as maintaining and acquiring new books and media, managing expenditures and giving Madison residents access to the many sources of information that are available at no cost.

Finance Committee

Responsible for the oversight and monitoring of all of Madison’s fiscal matters, the Finance Committee collects revenues, pays expenditures and keeps its finger on the city’s financial pulse while setting annual budgets as well as short and long term financial forecasts.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee oversees the hiring, management, training and ongoing needs and standards of all city employees and personnel. By working to ensure that city employees have the benefit of the latest training in their specialties, as well as comprehensive programs for physical and mental health and well-being, the personnel committee allows the City of Madison to remain an attractive and competitive employment option and helps to keep the quality of life high for all residents.

Health Committee

The Health Committee is responsible for coming up with and reviewing ideas and proposals to improve, promote and uphold Madison’s public health and health standards.

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