Economic Development Opportunities

Madison is an active participant in working with both the private and public sides to create investment in the City, having negotiated agreements to bring businesses as diverse as auto racing, biofuels production, airframe building manufacturing, truck stops and golf courses to the community.  Private investment in these, and other, businesses over the last decade has totaled tens of millions of dollars, with over a hundred million dollars of additional investment now in the planning stages. Madison has been successful in “deal making” on these projects by bringing together private developers, federal programs (HUBZone), state agencies (such as Departments of Transportation, Natural Resources, and Commerce and Community Affairs) and locally-controlled resources (Enterprise Zones and Tax Increment Financing Districts).  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss available industrial, commercial, recreational and residential sites in the City, and public/private partnerships that can assist in such development.

Please review our Interactive TIF, Enterprise Zone, and Chouteau Island maps below to learn more about the development opportunities available in Madison, Illinois.

Comprehensive Plan
for Madison, IL

The primary purpose of a comprehensive plan is to guide decisions concerning issues that are central to the development of the City, both now and into the future. Madison has used its Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2003, to direct public investment and influence private decisions regarding land use, development and redevelopment throughout the City.  The Comprehensive Plan clearly expresses Madison’s desire to offer opportunities for growth to both new and existing businesses, and to improve the quality of life for all the City’s residents 

Madison’s Comprehensive Plan positions the City to aggressively seek development that conforms to the Plan.  The City occupies a prime location on the interstate highway system, an international rail system and the Mississippi River, and is located less than 10 minutes from the employment center of the St. Louis Central Business District.  Private contractors provide the City with high-speed (currently 20 mbps) internet service.  The Comprehensive Plan recognizes these locational advantages, identifies opportunities for commercial, industrial and residential projects that can benefit from these advantages, and provides for the public infrastructure investment to complement such projects.   

Madison’s participation in a wide range of public-private partnerships is also an important part of the Comprehensive Plan.  Through successful use of the Illinois Enterprise Zone program, the federal HUBZone, and its own Tax Increment Finance Areas, the City has helped create tens of millions of dollars of private investment in the community, all in keeping with the Goals and Objectives of its Comprehensive Plan.

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