The Municipal Court

The Municipal Court for the City of Madison, IL is the judicial branch of the City government. The Municipal Court was established to handle the adjudication of ordinance and traffic violations in court, housed at Madison City Hall.

Some cases handled by the Municipal Court include traffic tickets, parking violations, property maintenance complaints, disorderly conduct, derelict vehicle complaints, pet violations, littering, high weeds and grass, building code and zoning violations, plus much more.  Other violations to state law are also handled in Municipal Court, such as shoplifting, assault, nuisances, possession of narcotics and paraphernalia, liquor violations, tobacco violations, etc.

Those who have received a summons or citations from a city official should appear at the next available Municipal Court date.

5:30pm – Parking & Equipment Violations
5:30pm – Ordinance Violations

Madison City Hall

Excluding City Holidays

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