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City of Madison
615 Madison Avenue
Madison, IL 62060
(618) 876-6268
Police:  (618) 876-4300
Fire:   (618) 876-7296

Police Department of Madison, IL
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Madison, IL Police DepartmentPolice Department of Madison, IL

The Madison Police Department is dedicated to serving the citizens of Madison, IL by ensuring everyone has the opportunity to enjoy life to it’s fullest in our city. The core values of The Madison Police Department center around forming a partnership with our citizens, while respecting the value, dignity, and diversity of our city that enriches all lives. The pride of our officers and staff shines through everyday as we work to fairly and impartially carry out our department’s mission.

The Madison Police Department strives for excellence through the effective and efficient use of resources, which promotes teamwork and the empowerment of employees at all levels.  You will find the department is an innovative and progressive organization dedicated to developing  leadership, continuing education, and creating lasting partnerships with the community.

The City of Madison is pleased to announce a new system to notify residents and businesses of critical information. The system, called Code Red, allows the Police Department to notify residents by phone, text, and/or e-mail of certain incidents, such as missing persons, dangerous criminals on the loose, evacuation notices, road closures, and other government-related messages. Users can also sign up to get weather warnings, such as tornado warnings and severe storm warnings.

The service is FREE to residents and businesses located in the City of Madison. But, you must sign up to receive the notices. To enroll, follow the attached link and complete the required information. Your information remains confidential and is for use in this system only.

If you have any questions about the system, please email

Madison Police Department

Steven Shelby, Chief of Police

Chief of Police
Nicholas J. Gailius

(618) 876-4300


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Report Illegal Activity Anonymously

The City of Madison Police Department is providing a way for all residents to have the opportunity to report any suspected illegal activity anonymously. The Madison Police Department will then conduct an active investigation of this reported activity.Report A Suspected Drug House

The Madison Police Department welcomes the use of this form. With the help of all of our citizens, we can increase the effectiveness of the Madison Police Department in dealing with criminal activity throughout the city.


Police Department | Madison, Illinois